In this section, I have explored the striking contrast between the Salta Desert (right) and the Peninsula Antarctica (left) and shared colours in the middle .

The Salta Desert captivates with its warm and earthy tones, showcasing the rich palette of Mother Earth. However, it shares something unexpected with the icy landscapes of Peninsula Antarctica - a vibrant touch of turquoise. This vibrant hue comes to life in the salt lakes that dot the desert, bringing a splash of vivid colour to the otherwise earthly landscape.


The image from Portal Point, a narrow point nestled in the northeastern part of the Reclus Peninsula, captures the serene life of this remote corner of Antarctica. This early shot, taken on the second day of arrival, captures the majesty and unique biodiversity of the region. 

The bustling Gentoo penguin colony perched atop an iceberg. Even from a distance, one can sense their lively energy as they busily collect rocks to build their nests in early December, preparing for the arrival of their chicks in early to mid-January. 

However, this tranquil setting is not without its dangers. Predators such as leopard seals and killer whales pose a significant threat to adult birds, while skuas, opportunistic seabirds, prey on the eggs and vulnerable chicks.

Despite these challenges, the Gentoo penguins, like the other creatures that call Antarctica home, have adapted to their harsh environment, and their resilience is a testament to their will of life to thrive. This image serves as a beautiful reminder of the delicate balance of life in this remote and starkly beautiful corner of the world.


The classical colour palette of the Puna in Salta and Jujuy is a visual feast, seemingly emerging straight from an artist's canvas. The region, rich with geological and cultural wonders, displays a colour palette that is as unique as it is beautiful.

Vibrant ochres, rich reds, deep yellows, and vibrant greens blend seamlessly with cool blues, serene whites, and myriad shades of brown. These colours, inspired by the mineral-rich soils, the lush vegetation, the expansive skies, and the rugged mountains, dance together to create a landscape that is as dynamic as it is captivating.

These hues, coupled with the dramatic landscapes of the region, evoke an impression of an artist's carefully crafted brush strokes.

Just as an artist expresses emotion and thought through their work, so too does the land communicate its own story. It speaks of its geological history, of the cultures that have called it home, of the biodiversity it supports. It is a living canvas, constantly changing and evolving, its palette shifting with the seasons, the weather, and the passage of time.

 A tangible reminder of the intricate relationship between the land and its inhabitants.

Portal Point



Puna Heart