The residents of La Puna Salteña offer a beautiful balance of resilience and gentleness. Their bond with the earth and their community, their cultural traditions, their hardiness in the face of a harsh climate - these aspects weave together to create the rich tapestry of their life.

Each individual is a testament to the enduring human spirit and each deserves to be celebrated. I eagerly look forward to dedicating an entire exhibition to these remarkable humans, for their stories need to be told, their lives commemorated. They are the true gold hearts of La Puna Salteña, shining brightly against the backdrop of the Andean peaks.


The image showcases an adorable pet llama named Lunita. She's not just any pet, but she has assumed the role of a guardian, much like a watchdog. With her fluffy coat and bright, alert eyes, Lunita cute face is a blend of innocence and determination.

In the image, she stands near a sign that reads "Do Not Enter". 

Lunita the llama, with her unexpected role, is a testament to the surprising and heartwarming relationships we humans can forge with our animal companions. She not only adds a sense of protection but also an element of charm and joy, making her a truly unforgettable character.


During our trip to Mina La Casualidad, situated at an altitude of 4,200 meters, (Salta) we discovered a ghost town that had been abandoned since the late 1970s when the government closed the mine. Exploring the eerie remnants of this once-thriving place, we came across personal items left behind by the miners, such as gloves and shoes. It was a surreal experience that evoked a sense of curiosity and reflection.

Accompanied by my friend Bibi, we strolled through the abandoned town, engaging in candid conversations and imagining what life must have been like for the miners who once called this place home. The remnants of the sulphur mine were evident, with abundant traces of yellow colouring the surroundings, and a visible trail leading to the peak.

At one particular moment, Bibi decided to sit down and carefully pick up a piece of sulphur rock. It was in that instant that I captured the image, sensing that it held a deeper significance beyond the mere moment itself. In that poignant scene, I felt a profound connection to the miners who had worked tirelessly in these mines and a surge of love and understanding for the town and cemetery they had left behind,.

Sadly, just a month ago, Bibi passed away unexpectedly, In honour of her memory and our profound experience at Mina La Casualidad, I dedicate this image to Bibi. May it serve as a lasting tribute to our friendship and the beautiful moments of contemplation we shared together.